Sasha Priewe¡¯s Interview on Kyungjo Roe

Sasha Priewe
Curator of Chinese and Korean Collections
The British Museum

¡®The Korean¡¯ KBS, Korea
Interview at Korea Foundation Gallery
The British Museum, London, U.K.
March 2014

In the British Museum we are extremely privileged to be able to show three works by Professor Kyungjo Roe. His works are distinctly striking and beautiful and they are very good at achieving a presence, an indigenous presence and a balance between Korea¡¯s past and present. He unites a certain invention of ancient styles and materials and combines them with a very distinctive contemporary innovative feel. And so his work is always very multi-layered, variable and faceted. It brings together a thousand years of Korean heritage in the 21st century. It combines the ceramic making of the Goryeo and Joseon periods together with architecture and metalworking of the same periods.