Misun RheemIAC Native Clay - Kyung Jo Roe

Jungwon ParkBetween Serenity and Dynamism; Korean Ceramics: Beyond Tradition
ROE Kyungjo

Hyeyoung ChoContinuing Rituals and Practices: The Culture of Respect and
Appreciation in Korea

Miyoung von PlatenFlower – Forest – Cave, Stillness to Speak in The Work of Roe Kyung Jo

Beth McKillopBeth McKillops interview on Kyungjo Roe

Sasha PriewePriewe Sasha interview on Kyungjo Roe

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Hyonjeong Kim Han,Dual Natures in Ceramics: Eight Contemporary Artists from Korea

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Imre MolnarThe life and art of Roe Kyung Jo

Lee Hee KyungBeyond Time, Beyond Medium: Technique, Philosophy and
Nature Presented Roe Kyung Jos Art

Miyoung von PlatenROE KYUNG JO From Canvas to Ceramic

Lee WonBokDrawing of Birch Forest -between painting and craft-

Choi KunBeauty of Simplicity Choi Kun discusses the physical and
spiritual elements of  Roe Kyung Jo's contemporary ceramics

Chung-YangmoSpirit of Korea

Chung-YangmoProfessor Roe Kyung Jo - His Life and Arts-

Oh ByunhNamInvitation to the 10 Year's Work with Clay

John H. Seto89. Bottle

Lee KyungSungCeramic Artists Roe Kyung Jo and Yeollimun